Operative Witchery 1.0

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Program Curriculum

Here's what you get with the Program:

  • 14 weeks of lessons
  • Video, Audio, and Text Content
  • Private Facebook Group for Students Only (I'll be there, too, of course)
  • Monthly Witchery Workshop where you can ask anything you want
  • Optional participation in Spellcraft Challenges in the Students-Only group
  • Option to perform rituals designed by yours-truly, either as-is, or adapted as you see fit - aimed towards specific goals
Alan Fuller
Alan Fuller
Author, Blogger, Mentor Witch

About the instructor

I've been a practicing Witch for 27 years, and I've led Covens off and on since 1994. I'm currently leading Mystic Star Coven. I wrote the book The Spell In My Pocket (available on Kindle and in paperback). In 2001, I discovered a process that has allowed me to get more consistently successful results on a more regular basis with my spellwork. I refined the process from 2001, to 2011. From about 2012, to 2014, I used it successfully with Client work, and my own work. But in 2015, I transitioned into teaching that process to others so that they could use it to do their own successful magick. This is the process that became Operative Witchery.


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$250 x 1